Together, we can support individuals and families battling critical illness, physical trauma and loss of a loved one.
Lifetime Impact
Thank Yous
I will always remember the smile on Mike’s face as he opened and looked through the items that were included in the package.
Often times the children get forgotten in the shuffle and this box arriving for her made the biggest difference for all of them.
Who We Are
Fairway Cares is the charitable arm of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. For over twenty years, Fairway and its 5,000+ nationwide employees have demonstrated a deep caring for the communities and people they work with and serve.

Through employee referrals, Fairway Cares provides the comfort of a care package or the support of financial assistance.
We serve those who:
Are facing critical illness
Have sustained a physical trauma
Have lost a loved one
Sometimes, knowing someone cares is all you need.
What We Do
We provide care, comfort and support.
Fairway Cares was established to provide support to individuals and families dealing with critical illness, physical trauma, or the loss of a loved one. When you need to reach out, we are here for you. Our programs include sending care packages and providing financial assistance.
Our core programs are care packages and financial assistance. Packages are specifically tailored for adults or children diagnosed with a critical illness, have sustained a physical trauma, or for those who have lost a loved one. We also send care packages to caregivers.
Who We Serve
Currently Fairway Cares is designed to meet the caring requests of Fairway employees. When someone in our family, our community, our office, or within our business circles is experiencing a loss or hardship, we are here to show our support.
Fairway Cares Impact
Since 2016, 11,600+ Care Packages and 1,902+ approved Financial Grants have been received nationwide. Special thanks to the employees of Fairway Independent Mortgage, because of you, Fairway Cares continues to expand and make a difference. Without your requests and financial contributions, we wouldn't be able to reach so many people.
To care, we must do caring things. Fairway Cares.
Fairway Cares Video
  • Mary
    "Last December I lost my Dad a bit unexpectedly and the very day I came home from his service after planning, preparing, taking care of my mother, and doing the eulogy, I was wiped out. On my doorstep was a Fairway Cares package. I literally spent the entire next day wrapped in the softest blanket in the world wearing my fuzzy socks and watching Hallmark Christmas movies and healing. The blanket made me feel like I was wrapped in a big Fairway Hug."
  • Care Package Recipient
    A package was sent to a precious lady going in for a double mastectomy on Friday, October 23. She received the care package Friday, October 16 and both she and her husband were overwhelmed. They said they just couldn’t believe all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts in the package. She knew that she was going to be feeling a bit rough after the surgery and was certain the soft blanket would make her feel wrapped in love. She also loved the warmup camel – said she gets very cold sometimes due to the chemo’s effect on her system – and couldn’t believe how thoughtful and useful it was. They joked that they thought they would never find the bottom of the box!

    Thank you Fairway for caring!
  • Judy
    Missions, TX
    "I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing care package! Everything was so thoughtful and perfect. It will be shared and appreciated by my entire family. The work you are doing is truly amazing! Thank you so very much for helping my family get through these difficult times."
Are you a Fairway Employee that has a family member, co-worker, friend or someone in your community that we can provide comfort or support? Please share their story through our request form.
The process begins with a request from a Fairway employee. The employee will provide general contact information, share the story of the person in mind, and indicate whether a care package or financial assistance is being requested. The employee will also briefly describe the situation and provide relevant background information.

After a request is submitted, a Fairway Cares team member will reach out to the employee to acknowledge receipt of their request. An estimated time of when the care package will be shipped will be shared, or when they may expect a decision of a financial support request.

Please click Submit a Request to begin.